Attendee Info

Thanks for planning to join us at MasterFit University. You should arrive at the course location by 8:00 am on the first day for registration. All programs (Masters Plus, Masters, Associates Plus and Associates) commence promptly at 9:00 am and run until 6 p.m.  The second day of the two-day Associates Plus, Masters and Masters Plus programs run from 9 am until 5 pm.)

Please bring your personal ski or snowboard boots as you will have an opportunity to make yourself a pair of custom insoles and you will need the boot to interface the device properly. If you currently have custom insoles please bring them along as well but also bring A STOCK INSOLE FROM THE SIZE AND MODEL OF BOOT YOU ARE USING so you can properly trace and trim your new custom insoles for use in your boots. Also please bring a pair of athletic shoes with removable insoles. ALL ASSOCIATE participants should bring a pair of street shoes with removable insoles for the hands-on footbed workshop, and any Masters or Dark Arts participants interested in receiving a pair of drop-in insoles must also have street shoes with removable insoles for the hands-on workshop. Socks are being provided to each attendee courtesy of FARM TO FEET.

We will be using each other as subjects during our examination analysis sessions, so you may also be more comfortable if you bring a pair of shorts (for exams, it’s easier to see the knees and legs) and sandals. We’ll be supplying you with shop aprons, dust/particle masks and eye shields for use during the program but if you have personal safety equipment that you’re more comfortable using, feel free to bring it along. Lunch will also be provided daily courtesy of our sponsors.

We look forward to some great sessions and we’re sure you’ll take away knowledge and ideas that will help you run your businesses more efficiently and more profitability.

Please note that only registered participants will be allowed entrance to our Conference Centers and all Masterfit related activities.  No guests are permitted.  This policy will be strictly enforced in order to provide participants with the best possible training environment and to ensure the highest level of participant satisfaction.

Directions to University locations can be found by clicking through to the page for each site and then clicking on the”Directions” hot link.

Please feel free to call us at (914) 944-9038 if you need any additional information not available on this web site.